Investment Trustees 


The Investment Trustees department was founded in 1991 in line with the modern trends in top banks in Egypt offering untraditional services for current customers and attracting new customers. This is considered one of Banque du Caire’s competitive edges that position the bank at the forefront of Egypt’s banking industry.

The services offered by the Investment Trustees department emphasize the bank’s consultancy expertise in various modern fields satisfying the customers’ needs..

Real-estate marketing services:

    • Buying and selling of all kinds of real-estate on behalf of customers using various methods: direct deals or auctions.
    • Requests are received from customers who want to sell properties. Attached to these requests are all documents confirming ownership of the sold property, whereby the bank’s Legal department studies the case and checks the legal status.
    • The bank coordinates with one of the bank’s listed experts to help the customer sell his property (in case of auctions).
    • Preparing all information and particulars concerning the sold items in the book of terms & conditions, and specifications. Conducting promotion, preparation, organization and implementation of advertisement campaigns (external in newspaper as well as publishing advertisements on the bank’s website and internal within all bank’s branches) as well as contacting customers
    • The bank’s branches contact the branch’s customers and potential investors.
    • An agreement is formed for the customer selling the property, including all details pertaining to the deal in case of direct deals, internal advertising campaign is conducted within all bank’s branches as well as publishing advertisements on the bank’s website. 

Issuing banking Certificates of Deposit:

    • Issuing banking certificates of deposit for establishment of new companies and increasing capital of existing ones.
    • The founders’ representative or the legal representative of the company applies in any of the bank’s branches to issue the certificate of deposit.

Corporate Establishment Services:

    • The Investment Trustees department works as a representative for the founders taking all legal and other corporate establishment procedures on behalf of the customers. Issuing the commercial registry, the tax card, and holding the constituent assembly.

Other Services:

      • Technical and financial analysis for the companies.
      • Preparing feasibility studies for projects on behalf of customers with the help of expert offices of economic studies.