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16990Customer Service Center
Banque du Caire offers banking services at its customer service centers, through which you can meet many of your banking needs with the utmost confidentiality and privacy. The customer service center is available 24 hours a day, both within the Arab Republic of Egypt and abroad, and offers a number of banking and voice services as well as competent customer service representatives.

Voice services provided by BDC (Automated voice answering)

Account Services

  • Balance queries
  • Retroactive tracking of the last 5 transactions on the account
  • Fund transfer among the customer's accounts
  • Request an account statement
  • Request a check book
  • Changing of the IVR password


  • VisaCard
  • MasterCard
  • Payment of Vodafone bills

Services provided by customer service representatives (Personal response services)

General Banking

  • Current account balance queries
  • Savings account balance queries
  • Deposit account and certificates balance queries
  • Query on loans (monthly premium - the amount remaining)
  • Query on remittances received
  • Query checks (clearing - outstanding)
  • Querying account statements
  • Querying payroll cards
  • Activating voice services for new customers
  • Receive suggestions and customer complaints

Credit Card Services

  • Query the amount used and the available balance on the card
  • Query the amount owed on the card (minimum - due date - total debt)
  • Query about the details of the last 5 transactions on the card
  • Queries related to methods of payment
  • Query on pending card transactions
  • Queries related to supplementary cards
  • Activating Credit Cards

Blocking Cards

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Payroll cards
  • Second BDC Fund cards
  • Remittance cards

Investment Services

  • Inquiries related to the funds needed for purchasing investments
  • Inquiries about participating in investment funds
  • How to make inquiries about the recovery of, dates of purchasing & buying certificates

Exchange rate and revenue

  • Foreign currency rates.
  • Returns on certificates of deposits and savings.

Marketing services, and information on bank products and services

  • Inquire about microfinance.
  • Inquire about loans granted to government employees and public, business and private sector employees.
  • Inquiries about different kinds of accounts
  • Inquiries about credit cards (Visa Card - MasterCard).
  • Inquiry regarding savings opportunities (deposits - certificates - savings accounts).
  • Inquiry about investment funds.
  • Inquiry about safety deposit boxes.
  • Questions about the addresses, telephones of branches and working hours
  • Inquiries about locations of ATM machines.
  • Inquiries about the banking insurance program.

Email services through Contact Us 

  • Contact with our customers through their e-mails which are received via the official bank website & reply to them.


  • Receiving our client's opinions about all Services & Products whether these opinions are negative or positive.

Working hours and schedules in customer service centers

  • Customer service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits of customer service centers

  • Allows our customers to avoid crowds at our branches
  • Speed in the completion of banking transactions
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Saves our customers time, effort and money
  • Gives us greater ability to listen to and adopt customer suggestions as well as responding to any complaints

Protecting our clients.

Serving our customers is our first priority, and respect for privacy is important to us. It is our duty to maintain the confidentiality of any information in transactions with the bank. To ensure mistakes are avoided, please take into account the following: Please cooperate with any customer service representative wishing to confirm any details with you.

  • Please cooperate with any customer service representative who asks to confirm any details with you.
  • Do not reveal your PIN to any person, whether relatives or friends or a member of the bank.
  • Do not write your PIN number down, memorize it.
  • Choose a secret number that cannot be easily predicted and refrain from using numbers such as your personal telephone number or date of birth. 
  • Do not pick ascending numbers for your PIN (4321) or repeated number (4444) for your PIN.
  • We recommend changing your PIN from time to time to ensure your account retains maximum security.
  • Do not rely on others in the implementation of your banking transactions.