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"Al Thabet" Fixed Income Fund


Product Type:  

Open-End Fixed income Fund  

Key Information:


Banque du Caire's Fixed Income Fund "Al Thabet"

Established date


Asset Manager

CI Asset Management

Nominal Value

EGP 100

Minimum Subscription


Maximum Subscription


Purchase (Weekly)

Purchase applications can be submitted throughout the working days of the week until Sunday or the first working day of the week at twelve o'clock P.M. (the actual purchase date).

Redemption (Monthly)

The redemption request will be up until twelve P.M. of the first Sunday of the next month (being a working day, else the next working day). The redemption request can be cancelled before the Thursday preceding the first Sunday of the next month.


No fees are applicable

 Targeted Clients:

Individual and institutional investors who seek:  

  •  Short to medium term investment horizon.
  • Periodical income and moderate risk.  

Why to invest in Al Thabet Fund?

  • Both Egyptians and foreigners whether individuals or institutions are allowed to invest in Al Thabet.
  • Relatively high returns associated with low risks.
  • Al Thabet is managed by "CI Asset Management" one of the best asset managers in Egypt.
  • Subscriptions, purchases and redemptions are free of charge.
  • Dividends could be distributed quarterly.
  • The ability and flexibility of subscription and redemption compared to conventional banking fixed income products where investors often face lock‐ups, high early redemption fees, or loss of interest on early redemption.
  • Periodic purchases and redemptions.
  • Liquid financial instrument (weekly purchases and monthly redemptions)