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Banque du Caire: the first bank in Africa and Middle East for the Return on Capital 

27 Oct, 2013 

Banque du Caire has been ranked one of the top 1,000 banks in the world for 2013 according to rankings by The Banker magazine, The Financial Times LTD affiliate. The Banker has been specialized for over 90 years in the assessing and ranking of the world banks in terms of their strength and profitability.

Banque du Caire achieved unprecedented rankings in The Top 1000 World Banks – July 2013 mentioned below:

-          Ranked no 1 in Africa and Middle East for Return on Capital of 58.65%.

-          Ranked no 7 worldwide over 25 world banks for Return on Capital, as the only bank representing Egypt on this ranking list.

-          Ranked no 9 for soundness in Egypt over 40 banks.


It’s worth mentioning that Banque du Caire’s results in 2012 showed an outstanding performance in achieving growth in assets and profits besides a healthy credit portfolio and continuous enhancement of the bank’s competitiveness, more focus was given to decrease the cost and expenses where the bank's total administrative expenses to net operating revenues reached of 44.7% in 2012 compared to 77% in 2011. All the above resulted in positioning Banque du Caire among the top banks worldwide this year.


Mr. Mounir El Zahed – Chairman and CEO commented that these outstanding rankings reflect the bank’s distinctive position on the national and regional levels, and emphasizes the competence of the bank’s performance. El Zahed added that this achievement is a strong indicator of the strength and efficiency of the public sector banks and the Egyptian banking industry as a whole and proves their ability to support the Egyptian economy and development even under the current challenges that the country faces.


Mr. Mounir emphasized that these achievements came as a result of the hard work and professionalism in managing the banking system. Moreover, retaining these achievements and global rankings requires insistence to continue the hard work, face all challenges and have trust in the bank staff’s capability that keeps giving a professional and outstanding performance.


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