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The Achievements of Banque Du Caire in All Banking Services Continued to Grow in 2016 for the Fifth Successive Year. 

05 Jan, 2017 

In 2016 Banque Du Caire was again able for the fifth successive year to achieve a high level of performance, based primarily on the collective efforts of its staff, their professionalism and continuous efforts to develop the banking services offered by the Bank. 

The success stories of Banque Du Caire over the past five successive years have continued thanks to the enlightened vision and clear strategy of the management of the bank, a matter that led to achieving a profit of E.P. 3 billion in 2016, in addition to collecting a number of prizes as well as gaining a high rating by internationally recognized rating institutions. 

In 2016 Banque Du Caire has achieved notable successes in major banking services, the most eminent of which were:-

"Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises": 

Banque Du Caire succeeded in implementing its expansionist policy in financing these enterprises as they significantly contribute to creating work opportunities and reviving the feeding industries of these enterprises. Moreover it is these enterprises that draw the future policies of the banking sector as a whole, at a time when the lending rate is 5 %. 

- The portfolio of small and medium enterprises and micro credit has reached E.P. 3 billion.

- The credit facilities and financing needs of these enterprises have been met at reasonable repayment terms that are compatible with the needs of these enterprises. These facilities are offered by all branches of the bank found all over Egypt.

- The mechanisms for facilitating and simplifying the procedures for granting such facilities have been established.

- New banking products have been innovated to meet the needs of the customers of this sector in the industrial, commercial and service fields.

- A new department has been established in Banque du Caire to serve small and medium enterprises, thus confirming the role that the bank plays in encouraging and supporting the financing of small and medium enterprises. 

 "Micro Enterprises": 

 The positive role of the bank in financing micro enterprises continued, as it gained significant experience in this field over the years, during which it created over nine hundred thousand work opportunities for youth, and promoted sustainable productive projects.

 Year after year the support and financing of Banque Du Caire continued for these enterprises, as it has granted one million and five hundred thousand loans to those micro enterprises for E.P. 11 Billion.

The market share of Banque Du Caire in direct financing of these enterprises amounted to 60%. This success was due to the pioneering role that the bank has played in financing such enterprises.

The market share of the bank in direct individual credit amounted to 24%.

Banque Du Caire succeeded in concluding two contract agreements with the Social Fund for Development to finance micro enterprises for a sum of E.P. 334 Million. It has also concluded an contract agreement with the "National Project for Community Development' (Mashrou'at) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Development. 

"Documentary Credit":  

The total value of operations of Banque Du Caire in 2016 was about $ 930 Million and an equivalent of $ 252 Million was provided to execute these operations.

"Retail Banking Products" 

To achieve the goals of inclusive financing Banque Du Caire has succeeded in offering a package of diversified retail banking products. Growth in this portfolio amounted to E.P.225 billion by the end of 2016, and the market share in this sector is continuously increasing, a matter that created an added value to all the other retail banking products the most eminent of which were :-  

"Loans to Civil Servants and Employees in the Private Sector":

The market share of Banque Du Caire in this field rose to 36 % and the balance of this portfolio amounted to E.P.17.44 Billion. 

 "Car Loans": 

- The value of the car loans granted by Banque Du Caire in 2016 amounted to more than E.P. Billion.

- The market share of Banque Du Caire in this sector amounted to 16% of the total number of car loans granted by the banking sector in Egypt. 

"Business Development Loans": 

The value of this portfolio increased by 51 % over the previous year amounting to E.P. 663.6 by the end of 2016. 

"Real Estate Financing": 

Banque Du Caire succeeded, within the framework of the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt for financing real estate, in financing more than 8000 housing units, for the sum of E.P. 600 million by the end of 2016 to E.P.600 million (The procedures for financing 5700 housing units worth E.P.430 million have been completed, and procedures are underway to allocate the remaining 2300 housing units with a financing value of E.P. 170 million.  

"Credit Cards": 

Banque Du Caire  several new products, the most important of which were the Banque du Caire "Titanium Credit Cards" and "Easy Cards" for youth which has numerous competitive advantages.

"Opening and Development of Branches": 

  Banque Du Caire introduced the following new competitive experience in its branches in 2016:-
- Opening 10 new branches, thus making the total number of its branches and banking units 236.
- Developing 60 branches with a standard design to match the most up to date professional standards in the banking sector.
- Extending the work hours in 60 branches to 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
- All branches work up to seven o'clock in the evening all days of the week for foreign exchange services.   

"New Products"

This year Banque Du Caire issued "The Primo Gold" investment certificates with a fixed interest rate of 20% for 18 months, payable quarterly. It also issued the "Primo Super" investment certificates with a fixed interest rate of 16% payable monthly, for it has been proven that issuing new attractive investment certificates is the ideal remedy for inflation as they absorb savings and excess liquidity, and at the same time maintain the purchasing power of the Egyptian Pound at this time when prices are on the rise. Such certificates also limit the impact of the inflation resulting from the economic structural adjustment.

By the end of 2016 the value of sale of "Primo Gold" investment Certificates was about E.P. 17.6 billion and the value of sale of "Primo Super" investment certificates was about E.P. 3 billion.

"Corporate Credit"   

In the field of Corporate Credit Banque Du Caire allocated more funds for this service in the vital sectors of the country in 2016. These included the following:- 

- The total value of allocations for new syndicated loans amounted to about E.P. 8.565 billion.

- The oil, electricity, food industries, real estate and construction were the major sectors which Banque Du Caire was keen to finance relying on its vast experience in the field of management and arrangement of syndicated loans. 

"Energy and Electricity Projects": 

- Banque Du Caire succeeded in arranging syndicated loans for oil companies worth E.P.450 Million and $ 67.5 million.

- It also succeeded in arranging syndicated loans for the construction of new power stations and for financing the operational requirements for electricity companies for a total amount of E.P.565 Million. 

"Food Industries":

- Banque Du Caire succeeded in arranging syndicated loans for this sector worth E.P.300 million.

- It also succeeded in arranging syndicated loans for a total sum of E.P.6.850 million for the construction and real estate sectors. 

"Credit Facilities": 

- Banque Du Caire granted credit facilities to medium enterprises with credit limits of E.P. 258 million in various sectors including automotives, medical equipments, leasing of equipment, information and communication technology, and aviation services. The rate of growth of the portfolio for medium enterprises increased by 50% by the end of 2016 compared with the volume of this portfolio at the end of 2015.

- The Department of Corporate Credit at the bank was able to increase the facilities granted to many companies, as well as attracting new customers in many sectors such as the pharmaceuticals, the mills, the chemicals, and electricity and building materials sectors. The current credit limits to old customers were increased by E.P.819 million, and the credit Facilities granted to new customers amounted to E.P. 175 million. 

"Sectors Targeted in 2017":

The Department of Corporate Credit at the bank is currently considering participation in financing major facilities in the target sectors, such as transportation, logistics, building and construction, industry, food industries, and primary commodities. The target financing for these sectors is expected to exceed E.P.  1 million. 

"Investment Funds":  

- The portfolio of direct investments achieved about 103 % of its target annual profit in 2016.

- The securities portfolio exceeded its target for 2016 by 150 %.

- In the field of direct investments the second cash liquidity fund retained the second and third positions out of twenty six cash funds most of the year. Moreover "Al Wefaque Fund" retained the second and third positions out of ten funds most of the year.

"Human Resources":   

Banque Du Caire continued to pursue its policy of developing and building the capacities of its human resources by adopting the following measures:- 

Promoting about 942 employees.

- Organizing training courses providing more than 10,000 training opportunities in the various fields of banking operations. Training hours for the staff at the bank exceeded 97,000.

"Social Development": 

Banque Du Caire plays a major role in the field of Corporate Social Development by participating in all positive initiatives  that support the vital sectors of the country, the most important of which are :- 

"Support of the National Economy"

- Banque Du Caire issued Saving Certificates for "Tahya Misr (Long Live Egypt) Fund.

- The bank participated in the Housing Project of "Mukattam District". A project that is managed by "Tahya Misr Fund"

- It has also contributed to the campaign organized by the Ministry of Electricity to promote public awareness of the importance of rationalizing electricity consumption. 

"Charity Caravans"

- Banque Du Caire provided more than 11400 charity boxes of food during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

- It has also provided potable water facility connections to 1020 houses.

- It has also paid the cost of 920 optic medical operations.

"Winter Caravans"
- Banque Du Caire has provided 18.000 blankets and winter clothes to 3187 poor
- It has built roofs and provided water and sewage facilities to 250 houses.

"The Initiative for the Development of Villages"
- Banque Du Caire adopted a project for the development of one of the villages of Souhag Governorate through the following procedures:-
- Providing decent houses and medical care to the inhabitants of this village.
- Supporting their education and training on various handicrafts.
- Providing sustainable income generating projects to achieve self sufficiency for the village.
- Developing the infra structure of the village by restoring and rehabilitating houses and schools, as well as training teachers and developing the health care unit.  

"The Medical Sector"
Banque Du Caire developed 13 university and governmental hospitals found all over Egypt, and provided them with various equipments.
It has also supported researches in the fields of chronic diseases and provided medical care to orphans with disabilities.
On the occasion of "Mothers Day" the bank paid the debts of many women who have been imprisoned for being unable to pay their debts.
It has likewise participated in the event organized by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in support of poor families by granting 36 Deposit Certificates worth E.P. 3000 each with an interest payable monthly. 

"Development of Historical Areas"
- Banque Du Caire participated in the initiative of the "Federation of Egyptian Banks to develop the Area of downtown Cairo, known as the "Khedevian Cairo" to maintain and restore its architectural style.
- It also contributed to the execution of a project to develop and restore the down town " Bab Zoweila" district.
- It likewise contributed to the development and beautifying of some squares in several governorates.

"The Education Sector and Food Subsidy"
- Banque Du Caire in collaboration with the "Nile University, a nongovernmental university, financed the university education of some distinguished students.
- It has also collaborated with the Ministry of Education in honoring some of the distinguished students.
- It has also paid the university education fees of some students who were unable to pay them.
- It has collaborated with the "World Food Program" in providing school meals to 13400 pupils in Upper Egypt. 

"People with Disabilities"
- Banque Du Caire provided over the last three years integrated care to orphan children with disabilities
- It has also provided motorcycles to some disabled persons in the New Valley governorate to facilitate their movement in it.

"Prizes Awarded to Banque Du Caire during 2016"

- Banque Du Caire was classified by the world renowned magazine "The Banker" as first over all the banks of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in the field of return over capital for the past successive three years recording 90.51 % . The Bank likewise retained its status as one of the best 1000 banks in the world according to the rating of this magazine.
- It also won the prize of best bank in Egypt in the field of financing of micro enterprises by "The Banking Executive" Magazine issued by the International Federation of Arab Bankers.
- Prize of the best "Fund for Products of Fixed Income" in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region awarded by "Media Fund Manager" Institution.
Banque Du Caire also won "The Golden Shield" and award of best Corporate Social Responsibility among Arab and Islamic Banks. 

"The Strategy of Banque Du Caire in 2017"  

 - To achieve growth rates in all banking sectors.
- To apply a package of procedures to develop its activities and enhance the bank's competitiveness.
- To establish certain control measures related to its issuing of new banking products, so as to maximize its role in promoting economic activities.
- Meeting all the needs of the customers focusing in particular on major development projects, as well as on small and medium enterprises being the locomotive of development of the Egyptian economy and contribute to achieving sustainable development.

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