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Enterprises' Banking


The private sector is the main core for developed and advanced countries; it is one of the main engines for economic growth, which provides opportunities for employment and a source of income for a wide range of individuals. It also plays a major role in technological innovations, and diversification of exports.

In Egypt, the private sector accounts for 67.3% of domestic production during 2008/2009 and represents 62.8% of gross domestic products (GDP) for the same period. It also contributed to ⅔ of the rate of growth during 2008/2009.

In light of the above, Banque Du Caire, as one of the leading banks in Egypt, plays a key role in supporting and developing the private sector. BDC has developed an Enterprises' Banking Division with a mission of banking with this influential sector in the Egyptian Economy.

Enterprises' Banking near future services:


·   Designated Relationship Managers for all Enterprises Facilities

·   Specialized officers for non borrowing customers at the branch level

·   Fast Decision making

·   Applying coverage and one stop concepts

Enterprises' Banking Products:

·         Working Capital Products:

-         Overdrafts

-         Short-term loans

-         Checks purchasing

·         Commercial products:

-         Trade finance/ discounting bills 

-         Re-financing under trust receipts

-         Discounting export bills

·         Medium and long term financing needs