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Retail Banking

Banque Du Caire is one of the first banks that focuing on retail banking with a varity of saving products that serves a huge customer base specially in the family sector and meets their different requirements by providing them deposits , saving accounts and certificat of deposits which covers different due dates and competitive interest rates .

Further Bank du Caire has paid a great concern to retail credit products as it was one of the primary and pioneer banks in this area through providing personal loans to the government employee and private sector staff. Our bank also provides micro finance loans to the small investors which helped on attracting new tranch of customers who were not dealing with banks before and to finance their businesses and by that it was a main factor to solve the unemployment problem .

Besides our bank is serving customers by providing more retail products through introducing various types of cards between credit cards , debit cards and payroll cards in a way to meet with government trend to transfer the society into cashless society .

Our Bank by its endavours to meet with the requirements and the needs of customers is making its best efforts to enlarge its retail products and launch new services in order to reach the highest level of its target which is the main customer consent .


Bank Du Caire has different types of accounts in both local and Forien currency


Term Deposits

Bank Du Caire has different types of Term Deposits in both local and Forien currency


Certificates Of Deposit

The many types of certificates of deposit issued in Egyptian pounds by Banque du Caire have multiple advantages


Retail Loans

Bank Du Caire offers different types of loans for both Private and public sector employees



Bank du Caire offers various types of cards, in line with various segments and categories, levels and needs



Bancassurance is a set of services and insurance products offered by the Allianz Egypt Life Insurance Group