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General Administration of Investment and Securities ...

Established: 1978

Number of employees: 23

Specialization: Investment experts

Task: Increasing revenue with the employment of cash.

This is accomplished through:

  • Participating in projects and investments directly, according to guidelines and specific criteria and what is revealed by economic feasibility studies of these projects.
  • Monitoring the performance and activity of projects and investments.
  • Assessing the performance of these companies regularly.
  • Attending the meetings of the boards of directors and annual general assemblies for the companies.
  • Providing reports to senior management to clarify the position of these investments and the development of their performance annually.

General functions of the Department

  • Participating in the development and management of portfolio securities belonging to the bank.
  • Participation in the management of the portfolio available for sale, which vary between shares in securities and other sectors of the economy, as well as funds and investments in other banks (both open and closed).
  • Working on the creation of the first Cairo investment fund (an open cumulative fund), which invests in shares listed in the stock exchange.
  • Establishment of the second liquidity Fund, which is overseen by Egypt's Beltone investment funds managers.
  • Utilizing the bank’s excess liquidity and working to increase and diversify with the least amount of risk.
  • Seeking to construct a portfolio for direct investments through the available investment opportunities in Egypt’s economic sectors.

Banque du Caire’s first cumulative fund

Established: 1995

Size: 100 million Egyptian pounds

The largest fund in the Egyptian market Specifications

Banque du Caire’s second investment fund

Banque du Caire’s second investment fund, for liquidity in Egyptian pounds Yielding cumulative daily returns (local timing)

Established: 2009

Size: 251.3 million Egyptian pounds