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Corporate Banking

Banque du Caire’s corporate credit portfolio is considered one of its major strengths, as the bank constantly works on improving and growing it by providing finance for investors and by participating in syndicated loans. These activities provide crucial support for Egypt’s economic growth and comply with one of the major directives of the government, namely, assisting in the growth of exports and industrial development in order to create more employment.

Banque du Caire, through its' central Corporate Division located at Head Office, addresses the finance needs of nearly all vital sectors and sub-sectors in the Egyptian economy.

Banque du Caire Corporate division implements global standards in providing necessary finance with minimal risks, while maximizing available investment opportunities, given Egypt’s status as a center for industry and services.  

Corporate Banking near future Services:

To promptly assure timely processes, a specialized and centralized sector will be established, focused on providing corporate credit, and achieving the following:     

• Expertise in different sectors.
• Implement an advanced, high-quality form of industry ratings which leads to effective and appropriate financing structures.
• Accuracy in complying with client’s needs.
• Strengthening the client’s relationship with the bank.
• Undertaking relevant and consistent marketing activities.  

Corporate Banking Products:

·         Working Capital Products:

-         Overdrafts

-         Short-term loans

-         Checks purchasing

·         Commercial products:

-         Trade finance/ discounting bills 

-         Re-financing under trust receipts

-         Discounting export bills

·         Medium and long term financing needs

·         Syndicated loans

·         Project finance