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Principal Bank for Development & Agriculture Credit and Banque du Caire Fund


Product Type:  

Open-end Islamic fund  

Key Information:   


Banque du Caire's wafak fund

Established date


Asset manager

HC Securities

Nominal Value

EGP 10

Minimum Subscription

50 units.

Maximum Subscription



on a daily basis.


on the first working day of every week before twelve o'clock noon, based on the value of the unit at the end of that day.


No fees are applicable.

 Targeted Clients:

Individual and institutional investors who seek:  

  • Investing in stocks , financial instruments and corporate shares "compliant with shariah".
  • High return associated with high risk. 

Why to invest in Al Wefak Fund?

  • The unit price is considered affordable for a large segment of the society.
  • Easy tool for new investors to enter the stock market.
  • The investment takes advantage of stocks with average higher returns on the long term.
  • The fund is suitable for investors who are looking for shariah compliant Investment.
  • Distributing a portion of returns in cash or in the form of free investment units annually.